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Join Us for Yoga-CBT

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious throughout our busy lives. But feeling trapped in a cycle of worry and fear can impact our health, our relationships, and our overall well-being. Yoga for cognitive behavioral therapy, or yoga-CBT, involves gentle, low-impact poses and meditations that are conducted while seated on the floor or in a chair. The purpose of yoga-CBT is intended to help us move past our anxieties to cultivate peace and relax our mind and body.

Join our group at Diversus Health to participate in a six-week yoga-CBT program focused on overcoming symptoms of anxiety, managing fear, and transforming lives for the better. To enroll in yoga-CBT, please contact your Diversus Health clinician for more information and get signed up today.

What is Yoga for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Yoga-CBT is an evidence-based therapy focused on a psychological model that combines the effects of yoga with cognitive behavioral therapy. The mind-body integration and treatment model of yoga-CBT addresses symptoms of depression and anxiety by combining traditional psychotherapy with yoga practices and philosophies. Yoga for cognitive behavioral therapy blends techniques of CBT with Kundalini Yoga exercises, breathing, and philosophical teachings to develop a therapy that calms anxieties of the mind while easing physical stresses of the body.

Jaylynne Koch, Clinical Manager at Diversus Health, says, “Yoga-CBT is about breathing and movement to get us out of our sympathetic nervous system, challenge our cognitive distortions, and tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. This allows us to get into a regulative state. This program can be useful for anyone suffering from trauma or prepping to work through traumatic experiences.”

The Value of Yoga-CBT During COVID-19

It is suggested that the extreme effects of COVID-19 and its impact on society can be described as Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder. This trauma often includes the effects of COVID’s threat to life, as well as its severe impact on our health, financial security, housing uncertainty, diet and nutrition challenges, and strain on personal relationships. Ongoing stress creates emotional anguish and suppression of our body’s immune system response. Over time, these conditions amplify each other, causing emotional overload, compromised immunity, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, especially in times of crisis such as the current pandemic. Yoga-CBT blends effective, therapeutic components of cognitive behavioral therapy with the teachings and movements of Kundalini yoga to help participants break the cycle of anxiety targeting thoughts and the physical body.

Yoga-CBT for Adults

Adults who struggle with anxiety are consistently prepared for the worst. Negative thought processes create negative tension in the body, while the mind triggers physical tension, which fuels the negative thought process. This can be a vicious internal cycle. Yoga-CBT helps adults develop a neutral place to leave behind negative self-judgment and criticism by using gentle cognitive restructuring that teaches participants to quiet poor self-talk that enflames worry and anxiety. Calming the body with a variety of yoga and breathing techniques, adults enrolled in the six-week yoga-CBT treatment model will learn to combat feelings and physical symptoms of anxiety and depression that impact the mind.

Yoga-CBT for Teens

Teens struggling with anxiety and depression often develop behaviors to compensate for stress experienced during social withdrawal, school evasion, and substance abuse. Identifying these symptoms and developing skills to face these stressors early in life will provide participants with a greater capacity for managing challenges and hardship throughout adulthood. Yoga-CBT teaches teens a variety of yoga and breathing techniques that create a neutral place to leave behind self-judgment and criticism. It is vital for teens to learn how to quiet the negative self-talk generating anxiety. Teens enrolled in the six-week yoga-CBT treatment model will discover how to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression as they experience significant milestones and personal struggles throughout their adolescent development.

Move past your worries to better manage your anxiety. Enroll in our Diversus Health Yoga-CBT program today. Contact your Diversus Health clinician for more information or call us at (719)-572-6100 to sign up now.

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