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Alissa Carey – MA

Education & Credentials:

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, University of Central Florida

Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

About Me:

I am an unlicensed clinician working toward becoming a Licensed Addictions Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor. I’ve worked in the mental health field for about a decade and served numerous populations including inpatient crisis, children and families, substance use recovery, veterans, suicide prevention, and diet/health behavior change. I utilize a combination of therapeutic modalities to ensure that a client feels supported and comfortable with the work we do together. Certain approaches do not always work for everyone, so it’s my goal as a clinician to be perceptive to this and able to pivot in a way that best serves the person sitting across from me. Change stems from motivation, but how to foster that motivation isn’t always a clear and direct path. My therapeutic approach is cognitive behavioral with deep roots in existential and humanistic theory, which means I ultimately want to help clients learn their purpose in life, appreciate their own uniqueness, and really see the value that they bring into this world. Recovery happens when the reasons and rewards for staying sober outweigh the perceived momentary benefits of intoxication. I strive to help people find those reasons.

I chose to come to Diversus Health because this company allows me to do meaningful work in an environment that continuously fosters development and growth for both its employees and its clients. The ability to impact the community, making positive differences in the lives of those who seek our help, is the driving force behind every person who works at Diversus.

Since physical and mental health are so intrinsically linked, rock climbing and CrossFit are major priorities in my life that take up a large portion of my free time outside of the office. Any other down time is spent reading, writing, dabbling in drawing/painting, refining my deadpan delivery of jokes, and trying to trick my friends and family into having deep philosophical conversations with me about the deeper meanings of life. 

I have had two therapists at Diversus Health. Both were outstanding, supportive, and understanding. My therapists went above and beyond my expectations and truly cared about my recovery. A huge thank you! - Chris

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