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Justin Barry – PsyD

Education & Credentials:

Bachelor’s in Psychology, University of Texas at Dallas

Master’s in Psychology, Widener University

Doctor of Psychology, Widener University

About Me:

Perhaps, as with many things in life, my path to the field of psychology was neither linear nor intentional. As a depressive, socially anxious, and preoccupied teenager, I buried these difficulties beneath science and computers, convincing myself of a vague intent to study molecular biology and do who knows what with the degree and my life. Feeling fruitless, aimless, and further encouraged by a strong dislike of calculus, I switched my degree to another area of interest: psychology. Yet, once again, I found myself drifting aimlessly about, only this time with a not-terribly-directive Bachelor’s degree in psychology. It was not until graduate school that I began to connect more with myself, better conquering chronic fears and self-doubt, fortuitously finding myself “at home” in a field that I was passionate about. Yet, graduate school only scratched the surface of how I understood the human condition and, by extension, myself. Subsequent life experiences have shifted me towards a Relational Psychoanalytic perspective, while additional time in the field has encouraged me to challenge what is truly “known.” The Relational Psychoanalytic approach emphasizes the importance of exploring how context and relationships shape who we are and the decisions we make, rather than emphasizing hidden “drives” or the “restructuring” of thoughts. Perhaps most important of all: it encourages curiosity. Here at Diversus Health, I have had the privilege to be curious with others via psychological assessment, periodic individual therapy, supervision of students, and consultation/training. Whether or not you find yourself at my doorstep, I hope you can stay curious about yourself.

Experiences and relationships shape how we understand ourselves, others, and the world at large. I seek to explore both history and context, as to enhance self-understanding and self-direction, while also challenging traditional diagnostic notions.

These are the services and common symptoms I see during my clinical work at Diversus Health:

The services here are great, even with the pandemic, we have continued to receive treatment via video conferencing. It has been wonderful. - Autumn

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