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Kellie Helderman – LPC

Education & Credentials:

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, University of Colorado Colorado Springs Master’s Degree in Counseling, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

About Me:

My treatment philosophy is rooted in a model that provides individualized support and through evidenced-based practices. I believe that people can recover from mental health disorders. I also believe that treatment leads to resilience. We define resilience as the personal and community qualities that enable us to rebound from various stresses — and to go on with life with a sense of mastery, competence, and hope. I chose Diversus Health because it has a rich history in innovative healthcare solutions and a holistic approach to wellness in order to increase access to care and improve outcomes. I also love the ability to have flexibility in my work and impact clients in all areas of their recovery. I have several animals (3 guinea pigs, 1 rabbit, 3 dogs, 2 lizards and 1 cat) and feel like our home is a farm. I love spending time with the animals and with my children and husband. We go camping often and also engage in Geocaching when we can.

These are the services and common symptoms I see during my clinical work at Diversus Health:

This place has helped me out so much. They always got my back. I highly recommend this place and other Diversus Health locations. - Terry

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