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Stephanie “Alli” Briggs – LPC

Education & Credentials:

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Texas A&M University Master’s Degree in Counseling Licensure, Denver Seminary

About Me:

My passion over the course of my 20-year career is to ensure that all people are seen, known, and understood. Taking the time to meet clients exactly where they are is the first step toward empowerment, and ultimately to change. I chose Diversus Health because it encompasses so much that I appreciate in a work environment. In addition to impacting the lives of countless clients over the years, my professional and personal life has been positively impacted as well. Outside of work I like to spend time with my husband and children: cooking, dancing, laughing. I enjoy my time at the gym and in my reading room. And I love traveling to see my family overseas.

These are the services and common symptoms I see during my clinical work at Diversus Health:

Thank you, Diversus Health! For your services and for opening a new facility closer to my home. Your care has saved my life. - Carl

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