Estamos aquí para usted y su familia cuando comienza la temporada escolar.
Diversus Health continúa con los servicios de manera segura tanto en línea como fuera de línea.

Diversus Health Programa de respuesta de Covid

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Diversus Health is a designated mental health provider of the Colorado Crisis Program (CCP) COVID-19 Disaster Response. Our outreach counselors provide confidential, FREE short-term services throughout El Paso, Teller, and Park counties. Our services are designated to support Coloradans affected by COVID-19 and the Diversus Health service continuum provides a great resource if higher level needs are identified by field-based outreach workers.

Our Services

  • Brief educational or supportive contact
  • Remote individual crisis counseling
  • Group crisis counseling
  • Public education
  • Assessment, referral, and resource linkage

Contact Us

Our COVID-19 crisis support services are provided at no cost. Reach out by contacting us below.
Email Us

(719) 299-2996

Presentations & Training

The COVID-19 Response Team has subject matter experts available to present and/or train your group on coping with disaster.

Email Us

(719) 299-2996

Webinars & Presentations

Group presentations is one of the capabilities of the Diversus Health COVID Response Team. These presentations can be for companies or groups you are a part of (church, business, school, etc.), or you can attend a presentation event hosted by our team.

The COVID Response Team is currently hosting the Resiliency Series. This series dives into mechanisms for building your resiliency. The events are free and are hosted over Microsoft Teams Video conferencing.


Covid Support For Educators

The University of Colorado is offering support for Teachers/Educators through their Teacher/Educator Well-being support line. This hotline offers teachers, educators, and all school employees access to free trained Crisis Counselors via phone call or text message.

Access the Support Line:

Call or Text (303)-724-2500

Download the Flyer to learn more:

Download the Flyer

Empower yourself with resources to overcome the challenges you face.

myStrength is safe and secure web and mobile tool to help you during these challenging times. myStrength offers personalized resources to improve your mood. Learning to use myStrength’s tools can help you overcome the challenges you face.


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With COVID-19 effecting many aspects of our daily lives, we have compiled a list of resources to assist you with managing around COVID-19.

Diversus Health rocks. No tengo seguro, todavía puedo recibir tratamiento. Se preocupan más por las personas que por ganar dinero y eso es muy refrescante. Diversus Health me dio un lugar para comenzar cuando no sabía qué hacer. Todo lo que he recibido de ellos ha sido fenomenal. - Tressa

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