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Diversus Health is safely continuing services both on and offline.

About Diversus Health

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Our Mission

Provide exceptional behavioral health care to our community one patient at a time.

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Our Vision

We are trusted partners, improving the behavioral health of our community by eliminating barriers, providing quality care and restoring hope.

Diversus Health was established 145 years ago, when we were named the Springs Relief Society. At the time, we were known for delivering coal, lumber, and clothing to our community’s most vulnerable. Today, we are the largest behavioral health care provider in El Paso, Park, and Teller counties, in Colorado.

Our brand, Diversus Health, is rooted in championing the diverse experiences each stakeholder brings to their mental health journey. We recognize the value that life experiences play in mental health and seek to leverage that value in aiding our clients with their needs.

Our continuum of care focuses on four core services involving addiction, counseling, crisis management, and psychiatric therapy. Each service area maintains a wide range of unique wellness programs and initiatives for our clients.

We're Here for You

We are here to help you overcome the mental and behavioral health challenges you may be facing. Explore our network of health care providers, see our locations and facilities, and review our services to see why Diversus Health is right for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment to get started with us today.

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Thank you, Diversus Health! For your services and for opening a new facility closer to my home. Your care has saved my life. - Carl
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