We have compiled a list of resources for the community in response to the events at Club Q.
Our Crisis Center at 115 S. Parkside Dr. is also available.

Let’s Nuance ‘Balance’ in Well-Being

Wellness and well-being are buzzwords. It feels like they show up at every turn. But what are they? And what does it mean to be well?

While there is no one set definition of well-being, there are a few key components that most people agree upon: 

  1. Well-being is holistic: While people might think of mental or physical health when the word well-being is mentioned, it is a BOTH AND. Well-being is a combination of your mental, physical, financial, career, relational, spiritual, and all the other forms of health you can think of related to your many identities. Just as we are not just a parent, friend, partner, co-worker, relative, or mentor, we are a combination of each of these identities. 
  2. It is active: Most things in life require awareness and action. Well-being is no different. There are decisions and behaviors that we must cultivate to enable well-being. It is rarely, if ever, something that just happens to you. We are active participants in our health. 
  3. It is an ongoing process: Say you budgeted for one month and are feeling good. Your financial health is not  ✅ done. Rather, it is an ongoing process that involves making decisions that align with your values, needs, and wants at each step along the way. 
  4. It is personal: Maybe the examples used do not resonate with how you think of health, happiness, and success. Chances are high that this is the case. Great! Well-being is personal and individual. Defining what well-being means to you is more meaningful than a self-help guru’s thoughts. 




*If you or someone you care about is struggling with mental health, we can help. Contact us at Diversus Health to request an appointment with our mental health providers. If you need immediate assistance, call our crisis hotline at 844-493-8255, or text ‘TALK’ to 38255.

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