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5 Simple Steps to Practice Mindfulness in Your Daily Life

We’ve all done it. Rushing and racing to get our day started, we run out the door without a second thought about how we would like our day to go. Taking a few minutes to pause and reflect throughout our day can help reduce tension and stress, increase happiness, and improve our mental and physical health. Explore these five easy steps to practice mindfulness in your daily life and get your day started right.

1. Set a Time Limit & Take a Seat

Choose a place to sit or lay down that feels calm and quiet to you. You can practice anywhere as long as you can devote a little space and time to your mind. Set a short time limit, between five and ten minutes, to block out distractions and focus on your mindfulness practice.

2. Notice Your Body & Feel Your Breath

Close your eyes and take long, deep breaths. Lengthen your spine as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you nourish your body with oxygen, connect with the surface beneath you. Relax the areas of your body that you feel hold tension and focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale.

3. Set Your Intentions

As you settle into your own rhythm, notice the steady rise and fall of your chest and stomach. Take this time to reflect and set your intentions for the day. Ask yourself questions to answer as you ponder on the people and activities you will face:

  • How do I want to show up today?
  • How can I ensure my interactions make the best impact?
  • What mindsets do I want to develop and strengthen?
  • How can I take the best care of myself?
  • How can I be more compassionate to others and myself?
  • How can I feel more connected and fulfilled?
  • What do I want to achieve today?
  • What actions do I need to take to reach my goals?

These prompts will allow you to be more conscious and mindful of your thoughts, words, and interactions throughout the day.

4. Experience the Moment

As you meditate, your mind may wander. If you notice your thoughts wandering, this is normal. Remind yourself that you have dedicated this short time to being present in the moment. This is your time to be intentional with your mindfulness practice. Bring your thoughts back to your breath and realign your focus on setting your intentions.

5. Be Kind & Patient with Yourself

Practicing mindfulness may seem simple, but the real work is maintaining your dedication and making time every day to stay committed. Practicing mindfulness takes patience. Aim to practice every day and you will feel the positive effects on your mind and body. You can check in with yourself throughout the day, too. Pause, take a deep breath, and revisit your intentions. As you become more conscious of your daily intentions, you will see the quality of your communications, relationships, and moods shift.

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