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Create a Vision

Ever read a headline about someone who’s accomplished great things, and all you can say is “Wow”? From a new product or invention, to a local hero saving a cat from a tree, these headlines can inform and inspire us.

It may seem odd, but we can use this headline idea for our own lives. A large part of finding meaning, passion, and purpose in life is crafting a vision or larger goal for ourselves. Follow these steps to create your own personal vision statement and chart a clear vision for your life:

What Is a Vision?

A vision is a compelling statement of your core values, who you are and what you want from your life. Consider yourself currently at point “A.” This vision will help you be your best self at point “B” in the future.

How to Craft a Personal Vision Statement

  1. Start Somewhere: The first step is to jot down some notes and ideas on what your vision could be. Don’t worry about them being concise or perfect — just let your brain run wild. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • What kind of person do you want to be?
    • What impact do you want to have on your community?
    • What would you look and feel like at your ideal level of well-being?
  2. Analyze & Synthesize: As you take a look at your initial notes, what sticks out? Can you identify the core elements of this vision? Is there a common theme? Are you surrounded by family and loved ones? Are you adventuring in the world with the freedom to choose your next step? Maybe you’re in a career with clear expectations and an ability to give back. Whatever it is, analyze and synthesize the core elements of your initial brainstorm.
  3. Recall Your Best Experiences: What have been your best experiences to date with the key elements of your vision? When have you felt alive and fully engaged? Outline one or two of these instances in detail. Think about these in relation to your values.
  4. Value Values: Without being modest, what do you value most about your life? What personal values does your vision support? Notate those as well.
  5. Mine the Motivators: Explore your why. What makes this vision important to you? Why do you want to reach this vision? What positive change will come from your doing so?
  6. Start Putting the Pieces Together: With these reflections on future and past successes, start to plan how to make this happen.
    • “Mind the Gap”: Ask yourself, how large is the gap between where you are today and your own vision? Clarify your point “A” (start) and “B” (dream) for your vision.
    • Gauge Confidence: On a scale of 0–10, with ten being really confident, how confident are you that you can close this gap and realize your vision? Whichever number you selected, ask yourself why you didn’t choose a number or two lower. In asking this question, hopefully, you can see that you already have the skills, capacities, and experience to make this vision a reality. Next, ask what would increase your confidence a number or two.
    • Plan for Obstacles: What significant events do you anticipate having to deal with on the way to reaching your vision? What concerns you the most? What can we do to mitigate these obstacles?
    • Use Your Strengths: What strengths can you draw upon to help you realize your vision and meet your challenges? How can the lessons from your successes in life carry over to your current challenges?
    • Get Social: What people, resources, systems, and environments can you draw on to help you realize your vision and achieve your personal goals?

Phew, that was a lot — good work! As you look back over this exercise, can you summarize this into a succinct statement? This statement can serve as your very own headline and story you might see online or in the paper. Write this down and put it somewhere you can see. Revisit it and use this headline as motivation for your life vision.





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