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How to Become a Global Citizen

In light of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s a good time to focus on our interconnected world. While we may be miles apart, there’s a growing focus on becoming more globally minded and embracing our role as global citizens.

What is a global citizen? A global citizen is “an individual who is aware of the world and has a sense of their role in it.” Global citizens are respectful, value diversity, and are committed to defeating social injustices. They are creative, flexible, dedicated, and proactive. Their arsenal is full of skills related to problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Why be a global citizen? Being a global citizen is important because it “deals with issues of global interdependence, diversity of identities and cultures, sustainable development, peace and conflict, and inequities related to power, resources, and respect.” It has also been shown to have a huge impact on our individual and collective mental health. 

How to become a global citizen. 

  • Get inspired. Find your passion and be inspired by places you would like to visit. Motivate yourself to learn more about the global community.
  • Get educated. Educate yourself, both formally and informally, and build a base knowledge of international happenings.
  • Get hungry. Explore global cuisines and eat at different traditional restaurants. Try to learn about the language, culture, and owners. Buy a cookbook and try out a few recipes.
  • Read more. Pay attention to international news and read globally-minded news sources about the places you’d potentially like to visit.
  • Go abroad. If you have the means/ability, travel, many say its the best form of education. Explore and reflect on your experiences to deepen your understanding of different places and cultures.
  • Make friends. Find ways to establish friendships with people from different cultures. This can help you exchange perspectives, learn more about their culture, and have a little fun along the way.
  • Become a leader. Organize or lead international travel groups. Get more involved with the international community on a wider scale in a way that’s meaningful to you.

As social creatures, we all want to belong and feel connected. Opening our minds, reaching out, and becoming global citizens can support this fundamental human need and improve our mental health and well-being.




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