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Parenting Courses

Were you unable to attend our parenting courses? No worries! We have the recordings available at no cost.


Course: Emotional Regulation – Recognizing What’s Wrong 

Emotional regulation is the key to life! Nothing matters more than being able to control our emotions. The first step to creating healthy emotional regulation is recognizing what’s wrong. Learn 3 strategies you can use with your child to help communicate what they are feeling.

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Course: Grief – The Healing Process After Loss 

Grief is a lifelong process that allows us to heal from our losses and redefine ourselves into the present. Learn from Dr. Ted Wiard as he explains the 5 phases of grief and the importance of experiencing each phase to start the healing process. Learn what is normal, how grief builds scars of wisdom and how we can move forward.

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Course: Duelo – El proceso de sanación después de una pérdida

El duelo es un proceso de toda la vida que nos permite superar nuestras pérdidas y redefinirnos en el presente. Aprenda del Dr. Ted Wiard mientras explica las 5 etapas del duelo y la importancia de experimentar cada una de ellas para iniciar el proceso de sanación. Sepa qué es normal, de qué modo el duelo crea cicatrices de sabiduría y cómo podemos salir adelante.

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Course: Social Media: Protecting Your Child 

Protecting children from technology that moves so fast, is very difficult to manage. Oftentimes, the way parents react can make the issues worse. Join us to learn the parenting pitfalls, as well as practical solutions to effectively managing technology use.

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Course: La Ansiedad de su Hijo

Aprenda herramientas sencillas que ayudarán a los padres a responder a la ansiedad de sus hijos. Cuando se aplican, las habilidades ayudarán al niño y al padre para vincularse, lo que permitirá que el niño identifique y supere su ansiedad de manera más efectiva.

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Course: Bullying-Stop the Cycle

Over the past several years bullying is a growing problem. Learn from Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson as she teaches parents how to identify bullying, how to stop the bullying cycle, and strategies for prevention.

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Course: What Parents Need to Know About Suicide Prevention

Listen along as we discuss Dr. Greg Hudnall’s suicide prevention strategies, including knowing the warning signs, what to say or not say, and where you can go for help

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Course: De-escalating Cycles of Conflict

Some parents feel like they’re stuck in a constant cycle of conflict with their children. Learn strategies to have more calm and productive conversations with your children by breaking the cycles of conflict.

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Course: ABCs of Overcoming Substance Use

If you are overcoming substance use or supporting someone who is., join us as we learn from licensed therapist, Alex Theobald. He will share the basics: Ask questions, Basic Needs, and Creating Change. Recognize the need for change, ask how substance abuse is impacting your life and the lives of those you love, and learn to create change, one step at a time.

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Course: Desarrollar la confianza de su hijo

Los niños están constantemente tratando de comprender cuál es su lugar en el mundo y cómo encajar con sus familiares, amigos y otra relaciones personales.

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*If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health, request an appointment with one of our professional mental health providers at Diversus Health today. If you need immediate assistance, call our crisis hotline at 844-493-8255, or text ‘TALK’ to 38255.

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