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Why is Counseling at Work Important?

Why is counseling at work important? Sherena Holmes, LPC at Diversus Health, discusses the importance and benefits of counseling in the workplace for employees.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Sherena Holmes. I’m an LPC here at Diversus Health. I’m here to discuss four reasons why counseling is important in the workplace. I am so excited to discuss this topic. It’s something I am truly passionate about. Here are my top four reasons that make sense to offer counseling in the workplace.

#1 Honoring Employee Values

Studies show the number one stressor at work is non-congruence between the workset values and employee values. Values-based counseling can address this. For example, the motivator’s assessment, which really measures values, can be used in the hiring and team-building process, to make sure that value congruence is in place. This has been shown to increase job satisfaction and performance.

#2 Fostering Meaning

David Kessler’s work on grief applies to our collective grief experience in a post-covid world. Kessler has added a sixth stage to Kubler Ross’s model, which is finding meaning. Change can be unsettling, and in some ways work and culture will be forever changed as we begin to navigate to reintegration. Counseling can help employees adjust to the new normal by finding meaning in it.

#3 Talking Less & Listening More

Being interested in individuals as a person and not a product is where counseling really shines. It provides a platform for a person to be validated and their heart heard and understood. This is consistently one of the top five needs expressed by men and women alike.

#4 Addressing the Whole Person

Lastly, an individual struggling at home will likely struggle at work and by showing employees the company cares about them, the relationship moves from strictly professional to a human one, thereby adding value in an unmeasurable way. Employer-sponsored therapy teaches employees good coping, self-care, and work-life balance. These have been shown to reduce burnout. Extending EAP and mental health benefits to family members improves employee loyalty and that is a win-win.

There you have it, that’s my top four reasons why counseling is important in the workplace.

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