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Javier Rosario-Heredia

Education & Credentials:

Bachelor’s in Communication and Behavior, Juniata College

About Me:

I am a Traditional Case Manager and Competency Restoration Educator with Diversus Health. I am originally from New Jersey and also lived in Pennsylvania, and most recently Florida. I decided to move to Colorado Springs for a new change of pace. Diversus Health helps me build a rapport with my clients to help me help them better. I always was someone who was quick to help people (a cliché statement I know but it’s true), I always wanted to be in mental health and just help people achieve whatever they wanted, and I get to do that with Diversus Health

Outside of work, I am a huge gamer. Love playing games like Overwatch, Pokemon, Yugioh, Smash Bro’s, just to name a few. I also love to sing and listen to music. If you play a song I know, you’ll get a 99% chance of hearing me sing along. I also love dogs, I have two at home here in the Springs plus, one back home in Florida, and I will always stop what I’m doing to go say hi to a dog no doubt. So, yeah 😀

These are the services and common symptoms I see during my clinical work at Diversus Health:

I was broken and lost, not knowing which way to go or where to start. A friend called Diversus Health and I've been working with the great therapists there. It's going to be a long haul, but they have made me feel as though I matter and they will help. Thank you to all at Diversus Health. -Stephanie

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