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Tory Miller – LPC

Education & Credentials:

Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

About Me:

I believe in a trauma-informed approach of care with focus on impact of early life events and attachment on subsequent development, belief systems, and functioning. I work to help people learn to empower themselves by understanding how these systems were influenced and formed early on, and working to rewrite and adjust old patterns to fit with a life the client sees as worth living. I want clients to be excited for their future, and know the necessity of a client’s ultimate say in what a happy life is for them, and where they want to be. After a year working with Diversus Health as a Master’s level intern I saw firsthand the passion and care for the community’s well-being that the organization is guided by, and how working here could help impact people on numerous levels. I love working for a company that is always making strides to increase access, improve quality of care, and make a meaningful impact for not only those seeking services, but the community as a whole. I have stayed because I value the goals of this company, am impressed by the tenacity of my clients daily, and love my team. Outside of work I love hiking, putting together puzzles, catching up with friends.

These are the services and common symptoms I see during my clinical work at Diversus Health:

Thank you, Diversus Health! For your services and for opening a new facility closer to my home. Your care has saved my life. - Carl

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