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What Is the Importance & Benefit of Counseling?

Professional counseling can make a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families, and communities. At Diversus Health, our counseling services help people navigate difficult and often stressful life situations, including the death of a loved one, divorce, natural disasters, stress related to school, the loss of a job, and more. Our providers at Diversus Health are equipped with the tools and insights to manage mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. Counseling is important and benefits people by empowering individuals to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Katie Blickenderfer, LCSW and Vice President of Clinical Services at Diversus Health, says, “It is natural, when encountering life stressors, to have experiences that are different than your normal everyday experiences. If you notice a change in your or your loved one’s thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that are concerning, connect with a mental health counselor for help and support.”

Why Is Counseling So Important During Recovery?

Few tools and resources are more important than counseling as one journeys the road to recovery. Whether an individual has been the victim of domestic violence or struggles with an addiction, counseling can play a vital role in helping to overcome the mental and emotional challenges associated with personal situations. Every person’s recovery process is different. For many, having a caring provider who listens is helpful. For others, having access to informed advice and support can be advantageous in making lasting, positive change. Schedule an appointment with one of our caring providers at Diversus Health to get started today.

An addiction counselor may focus on teaching and encouraging skills that can allow individuals to reduce their cravings or dependency and eliminate triggers from their lives. Professional mental health care providers may assist recovering individuals in developing habits that resist temptation and replace destructive behaviors with positive practices that build better bridges in relationships with others and themselves. In many situations, counseling can help in overcoming trauma, navigating mental and emotional roadblocks, and regaining feelings of self-worth and confidence. The goal may be to reduce stress and anxiety, form healthy relationships, or take other positive steps toward recovery.

4 Reasons Why Counseling is Important for Our Mental Health

There are many stigmas surrounding counseling. It is common for people to think that visiting with a counselor makes an individual “less than” those who do not seek out this type of treatment. The truth is counseling can be beneficial for everyone. Blickenderfer says, “Asking for help for mental health concerns is no different than asking for help for physical health concerns and it is important that we continue to normalize mental health care in our community.”

Here are four reasons why counseling is important to integrate into any lifestyle:

1. Speak Your Mind Freely

Visiting with a professional counselor allows individuals the opportunity to speak freely and truthfully, without filters or fear of judgement. Counselors are available to listen and alleviate concerns of burdening others with heavy conversation. At Diversus Health, our providers act as a support system, giving patients the permission and freedom to speak their way to healing.

2. Receive Validation & Clarity

It can be difficult to understand and process emotions alone. Rather than remain confused, seeking out professional counseling and care can be the best way to digest uncertain feelings and find clarity. Counselors can provide validation to help support individuals through life challenges, guiding clients toward healthy ways of coping with and processing emotions.

3. Gain Advice & Explanations

Counselors go through rigorous education and certification programs in order to analyze and assess the human condition and psychology. Chances are likely that providers have worked with many individuals who have faced a multitude of struggles. Having access to a professional allows people to ask questions, gain advice, and obtain explanations for what and why certain feelings arise.

4. Feel Accepted & Cared For

Talking to a stranger about personal life burdens and struggles can be difficult. It can be especially challenging to open up and be vulnerable when fear is involved. Taking the step to seek counseling is an act of bravery. Counselors at Diversus Health are here to help people feel accepted and cared for. Our providers can help guide individuals toward healthy avenues of self-improvement and positive life changes. Book an appointment with us today.

Counseling and mental health treatment is an important benefit for everyone. Consider talking to one of our professional counselors at Diversus Health to begin improving your everyday life. To learn about our counseling services for children, read our article on Counseling Services for Kids at Diversus Health.

*If you are in a crisis and need to speak to someone immediately, call our crisis hotline at 844-493-8255, or text ‘TALK’ to 38255.

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